Volumetric vs Barrel

Calculating the amount of concrete needed on any given job can be a difficult hurdle. If an error of judgement is made upon ordering, it can not only be expensive, but throw the whole project out of sync.

Our volumetric mixers and pumps by mixing on-site solve this major problem for any task and are far superior to the Barrel method, where ingredients are mixed at the plant. 

Not only can the ratio of your mix be adjusted on-site, but the precise amount can be made up ensuring that no part of your order is wasted. As our trucks can carry almost double the amount of concrete than most conventional Barrow Mixers, choosing Volumetric is the perfect solution for any project.

If you want to know more about the benefits of Volumetric Mixers over Barrel Mixers, please see the graphic below.  You can also call one of our experienced team on 0800 011 9279

No Waste On Site

By mixing on-site we ensure you get exactly what you need.

No Project Too Big or Too Small

Our trucks can supply any amount of concrete.

Mixed To Your Exact Requirements

By concrete experts ensuring you get the perfect mix.

Delivered On Time

Getting your mix to you exactly when you need it.

Only Pay for What You Use. No Mess or Waste. Never Over Order Again!

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