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The Concrete Setting Process

The Setting Process At a fundamental level, concrete is made by combining water, cement and aggregate. The water and cement first bind together in a chemical process known as hydration, eventually cre…

28th April 2015

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AMC and Network Rail

As one of the leading providers of ready mix and volumetric concrete in the North West, AMC take pride in the work we carry out for our customers. Through our professional approach and focus on qualit…

17th February 2015

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Top 5 Most Common Concrete Mistakes

Successful concreting projects are based on effective preparation and ensuring that the correct tools for the job are used. However, mistakes can happen. Here are just a few of the more common errors&…

18th December 2014

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Things You Never Knew about Concrete

Although we think of concrete as a modern building material, it was invented by the Egyptians, who used a primitive form to make bricks, around 5,000 years ago. The Romans developed the material furth…

26th November 2014

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How much concrete do I need to order?

When considering concrete for any task, it is very important to calculate the amount that you will need accurately; if you have too little you will end up with a seam between batches (if the first loa…

24th October 2014

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Concrete Verus Steel

One of the biggest questions that arises when embarking on a new construction project is whether to use concrete or steel. There are benefits to both materials, as well as many other factors. A major …

22nd September 2014

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7 Wonders of the (Concrete) world

Although typically considered a practical building material favoured for its robust strength and extremely long lifespan, concrete is often overlooked for its aesthetic and artistic qualities. Try tel…

30th June 2014

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Tips for Laying a Concrete Garden Path

With the winter behind us and the days becoming warmer and longer, many of us are turning our attention to the outside spaces on our properties. From trimming back hedges to painting the shed, the ext…

23rd May 2014

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5 Benefits of Concrete Staining

Applying a finishing treatment to any floor surface is important to increasing its longevity, and staining concrete floors is no different. However, it’s not just for added strength that concrete fl…

30th April 2014

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